Addiction to Coyote Hunting

When talking about hunting a lot of people associate it with game they can eat. I have found that the most addicting type of hunting is not one you can eat, but one that preys on those types of normally hunted animals. Coyote hunting is my drug and I am by far addicted to it.

From the moment I called in my first coyote I knew right then that I was hooked. I knew that this was a different feeling than I get when I deer hunt, turkey hunt, or duck hunt. Once I get everything set up in place and get ready to begin the set, my heart begins to race with thought of what might just happen. I scroll through my list of calls or go through my mouth calls and pick that one I have that gut feeling about. I reach up and turn on my Predator Tactics predator light and do a quick scan before calling out with my call of choice.

Then the calling sequence begins as I keep a steady eye out for those glowing eyes with my predator light. My adrenaline starts to pump and I begin to get jacked as it gets closer to go time. Sitting there waiting, building up anticipation as I scan the area with a red beam from my predator light. Time has lost control and has become transparent. Then it happens, I see the glowing red eyes of a coyote being lit up by my gun mounted coyote light come out of the tree line or from over the hills. It has no clue that I am there as it approaches the sound I have chosen to use. Slow and steady it bounds across the field getting closer and closer as I keep it in my crosshairs and center punched with my red hunting light.

My heart is now beating through my camo jacket and I can feel the excitement building up. I try and take that deep breaths to steady your nerves with little luck of overcoming this rush. I steadily and slowly squeeze the trigger and hear the boom of the rifle and the smell of gun powder as I watch the unsuspected coyote fall to the ground where it stood. The addiction has just taken its hold on me. 

There is no other hunting as addicting then coyote hunting in my opinion. I choose Predator Tactics predator hunting lights as I seek to fulfill my need for this ultimate addiction. The Coyote Reaper is by far the best predator light I have ever used and will continue to use to help obtain my addiction called coyote hunting.

Cody Winskey
Field-Staff For Predator Tactics