Predator Tactics E-Call Sound Library

Premium sound files for your electronic predator call. Downloadable sound files that will work in most E-Calls on the market today. Clean & crisp audio files that can be played at very loud volumes with virtually no echo, no distortion, and no ambient noise. Load up your E-Call before your next trip out calling coyotes.

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Coyote Call Sounds

  • 100% Live Coyote Recordings
  • Interrogation Howls & Long Howls
  • Serenades & Distress

Starting at $4.99

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Fox Sounds

  • 100% Live Fox Sounds
  • Fox Distress & Fights
  • Fox Vocals

Starting at $3.99

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Rabbit Distress & More

  • Variety of Critters
  • Cat Fights to Rodent, Exotic & Rabbit Distress & More
  • Sounds that will work all year round

Starting at $2.99

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Heath Baker Predator Call Sounds

  • Effective distress sounds perfected by Heath Baker
  • Variety of high quality sounds
  • Coyote, bird, cat, rabbit distress sounds

Starting at $3.49


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