Become a Predator Hunting Light Dealer with Predator Tactics®

If you are a local distributor of hunting products, you are invited to become a dealer of Predator Tactics hunting lights. Becoming a dealer of our products involves adding the variety of hunting lights from our business to the suite of products in your store. We offer the best predator light around, and you can offer it to your customers as well when you become a hunting lights dealer with us. Our only requirement is that you have a brick & mortar store, a distribution warehouse, or a reputable online store business.

Why should I become a predator hunting light dealer?

Predator Tactics hunting lights can complement the array of items you already offer. Providing the best for the local hunters that shop with you is important to anyone dedicated to hunting and hunting goods. You can begin offering our high-quality hog hunting lights, coyote hunting lights, and other night hunting lights in your store as soon as you become a night hunting lights dealer with us.

As a highly popular product with hunters around the globe, our lights can draw in customers for your business. Offering predator hunting lights and accessories from Predator Tactics is a great way to increase your customer base. We offer products that are ideal for every kind of hunter, and you can too.

When you become a dealer with us, you can grow your business by offering hunting lights for everyone from predator hunters to bow fisherman. Whether your customers hunt by land or by water, we offer a great product for them. As a night hunting light dealer, you can offer those great products, too.


How do I apply?

We encourage you to apply to become a predator light dealer and begin growing your customer base and the list of quality hunting products you offer. Archery stores, feed stores, hardware stores, and gun shops throughout the country find our hunting lights to be a terrific addition to their products offered. If you are interested in becoming a hunting lights dealer of our hunting lights and accessories, call us to take the first step! We are always happy to find a time to discuss the possibility of working with a new dealer or distributor.

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Interested in becoming an authorized Predator Tactics distributor? Find out if you have what it takes to carry our night hunting lights.


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