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Are you planning a coyote hunting trip? Read below for tips from hunting enthusiasts just like you!

Coyote Hunting Tips: Hunting Pressured Coyotes

By Heath Baker | February 11, 2020

By: Heath Baker In my opinion, hunting pressured and educated coyotes are just as difficult as hunting a 200″ deer.  It is insanely difficult to fool them. They’ve likely heard every predator call sound that comes stock on todays popular electronic game calls. These educated coyotes have been shined by…

Coyote Hunting Tips: Predator Hunting Hand Call or Electronic Call

By Heath Baker | January 29, 2020

It seems like whether to use a predator hunting hand call or an electronic predator caller has been an ongoing debate amongst predator hunters. Personally, I do not think there is really any argument for why one is better than the other. I believe both have their pros and cons,…

Coyote Hunting Tips: Coyote Hunting Tournaments

By Heath Baker | January 24, 2020

Coyote Hunting tournaments involve a completely different approach and strategy than just going out and calling coyotes for fun. When predator hunting a tournament, the focus varies from tournament to tournament and hunter to hunter, but generally if you are looking for the win, it comes down to one thing—put…

Coyote Hunting Tips: Calling Coyotes During Deer Season

By Heath Baker | December 18, 2019

During rifle season for deer here in Missouri, for whatever reason I am not nearly as focused on shooting that big buck this year as I have been in the past. Coyote hunting has now taken over the part of my brain that wants and needs to hunt. The Right…

Coyote Hunting Tips: Wind & Calling Coyotes

By Heath Baker | November 15, 2019

I was recently asked what I believe the most important factor is while coyote hunting. First off, you have to have coyotes to call coyotes in. If there isn’t a good population of coyotes in the area, you aren’t going to have a tremendous amount of success. However, wind direction…


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